Adorable Home

Adorable Home

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Category Games
Developer HyperBeard
Latest Version 1.8.7
File size 98M
Requires Android
Installs 784

A Detailed Review Of Adorable Home Game App Its Features

Adorable Home is a now popular game that anyone can play. Like its name suggests, it is a game about a home and it lays a major emphasis on cats and other pets. Hence it is kind of game for those people with pets such as cats at home. The game is categorized as a simulation game and is an addictive and relaxing game. This article digs out the very best features as well as other important things you need to know about Adorable home.

Interesting details about Adorable home

You have probably heard about this game since it has consistently trended on social media platforms in the recent times. This is because this game holds some important features, which many people are talking about. Here are some of the reasons why this game has so much taken the attention of these platforms:

  • The game allows you to choose any relationship you want. You can decide to choose any partner that you want depending on your preferences
  • The game also suits you if you want to get married. It starts with you and the partner selected moving into a new home where you get your first pet, a cat named Snow.
  • You can also easily customize your space in this game. Your home design skills becomes important here since you will be required to put them into use and make your new home as per what you desire.
  • Another interesting feature is the currency used in this game. The game has an adopted form of currency called Love, exactly what newlyweds need.
  • The game also teaches you how to be a good pet keeper. You have pets, which you are supposed to take good care of for you to have the currency. Besides your first pet the cat snow, you will also acquire dogs and even birds.

Why the Name Adorable home?

It is not a big issue in wondering why the name adorable home was adopted by Hyperbeards, the developers of this game. It simply means that you have to make you newly acquired home as adorable as much as possible. Make sure that your pets are satisfied, your partner happy and generally the entire home in good condition.

Who Can Play Adorable home?

The game Adorable Home is labeled as LGBTQ+ friendly, which means that any person who identifies in any of the referred sexual orientation can play. The game is also not recommended to persons under the age of 13 years. This is because the game depicts themes that are meant for mature audiences. Sometimes partners are seen in more revealing clothes, which is not good for people below that age. Generally, therefore, the game is meant for a mature audience and not for children.

How to Use Adorable Home/ How Adorable Home Works

Adorable Home works just like any other game apps.

  • Downloading and installing

You simply go to your Google Play or Apple appstore and get your app. you then proceed to install it on your device and then get ready to play. Before playing the game, you will be required to go through a tutorial. The tutorial is important not only in familiarizing you with the gameplay but also with helping you gain some love.

  • Controls

The game has some of the easiest controls you will ever encounter for games of such caliber. Controls involves just tapping and holding. This ensures that the players have as less trouble as much as possible while playing the game, which is one of the reasons why the game is very popular.

What Benefits Do I Get from Creating Games with Adorable Home

Adorable Home is a game by one of the most prolific game developers called Hypebeard. Hyperbeard produces unique games that are for a wide audience. Although there is no place, where there is an allowance to create games with Adorable Home, creating games would have been beneficial. The benefits would have included:

  • Gaining a wide variety of audience due to the popularity of games developed by hyperbeard.
  • User ratings for the games would have been largely positive as seen from other games created by the same developers.
  • Less complex mechanisms of playing the game compared to other games in the same category.

How to Play Adorable Home

Playing adorable home is one of the easiest thing ever considering the fact that the game has among the simplest and cutest controls as compared to many similar games. Something that might prove troublesome may be comes in on the mini games that you have to play as keep your cats safe and comfortable. However, the game play simply involves looking after your house, your pets, your partner who goes to work every day and other minor issues here and there at home. Some important tips that may help you proceed with much ease while playing the game include:

  • Always remember to feed and take good care of your cats. They tend to bring in a lot of currency which helps with other aspects of the game
  • You can watch video ads for you to gain more love which is the currency in the game
  • Prepare bent boxes and be more creative while preparing them. This makes sure that your partner is well taken care of.
  • Be wise and keep more cats during the first stages of the game. The game seems to like cats so you are like forced to also love them!

Price: How Much Does Adorable Home Cost?
Adorable home app itself is free to download and install. The game however has in-app purchases. You can create hearts for $6.99, get a basket of hearts for $3.99, hearts themselves go for $0.99 and a jar of hearts goes for $1.99.


Adorable home is a game that will help you a great deal if you are a new wed. It helps you plan how you want your home to be in the future. One game targets a mature audience and is quite addictive.

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