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Among us is a multi-player mobile/PC game, with millions of users worldwide. The game got a huge hype during the 2021 pandemic.

One year ago, it only had over a thousand players playing online, but now more than 500,000 active users are dialing streaming the game worldwide.


Among us is an online game, where teams of either 4 or 10 are split in one of the 3 maps. The players can either be crewmates or imposters. Crewmates are the loyal teammates who tend to complete their respective missions as well as identify the imposters, while imposters are the deceptive teammates who have to kill the majority of the crewmates to win the game.


How to set up the gameplay

  • On the main “menu bar”, click on the “online” column, followed by “create game”.
  • Now among the three maps, choose one and customize settings as you wish.
  • Before going online, you will get a room code that can be shared with other game mates.
  • Your friends will only join the room if your room is private, however, any random person can join if it is set as public.

How to play: Tricks and tips


Let’s talk about the tricks and tips whether you are playing as a crewmate or an imposter.

Playing as a crewmate

  • Complete all the given tasks carefully without getting killed by the imposter or successfully suspect all the imposters.
  • Move as quickly as possible and keep an eye on who the traitor is.
  • Once you start seeing the dead bodies, contact your trusted crewmates and hold a meeting to suspect and weed out the imposter.
  • Always keep an eye on teammates performing tasks. One of them could be an imposter.
  • Whenever you get a common task, see if others are performing the task as well or not, the one not doing, HAH, IMPOSTER.
  • Do not just vote for anyone on the basis of assumptions, see if it is backed by solid proof.


Playing as an imposter

An imposter is the one who creates all the fun in the game, let’s see how you can win as an imposter:

  • Use the three sabotages to your advantages, one of them is turn off the lights. When you turn the lights off, crewmates will only be able to see in a limited radius, while you as an imposter will able to see everything clearly. In this time of darkness, you can make as many kills as possible, but you need to be careful.
  • The second sabotage is calling them out at a location. When they reach there in groups, you can easily take on multiple kills.
  • The last sabotage is to split up crews to make things faster. In this way, you can target the one separated. But be careful and pick easy targets because you can easily be identified for being absent.
  • Always do normal crew tasks that everyone else is doing. This will even make others defend you as they saw you doing the task.
  • Stick with one of the crew members. Pick an easy target. During sabotages, carefully leave him for a few kills and come back just where you were before.



Among us comes with the traditional graphics, which are more focused on identify variations than high-quality resolutions. As this is a game of speculations, so its graphics are designed like that. Another advantage is you can play this game with low-speed internet without any buffering, unlike other online games.

Among us for PC and Mobile

Download Among us free on your pc and mobile phone, enter freedom from boredom. Is available on the app store for iPhone and play store for android. For PC free download, download blue stack, complete google sign in, and download among us from the play store. You can also download the paid version for $2.99 where you won’t be disturbed by ads.


  • Minimum 4 players can play the game. If you have none to play with, join any random public server.
  • Players can text and voice chat with one another as well as with the whole crew. This is one of the most important features of the game, it is used to make strategies and also to identify the imposter.
  • Change your name as many times as you want. When playing online, there will be a host column, click on the name box, and choose whatever suits you.
  • As your rank increases, you will be able to unlock more hats, skins, etc.

Download Among Us for Android, PC, iOS Now


Download for Android Download for IOS Download for Windows



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