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In-depth review about Gangster Vegas for Game lovers

Gangster Vegas is an action-adventure game that was developed by Gameloft Montreal and published by the Gameloft franchise. This game is the sixth installment of the game series and it features both single player and multiplayer modes. Gangster Vegas shares a lot of similarities with previous versions of the game comes with a much better gameplay.


The game follows Jason Malone, who is skilled martial arts fighter. Another important character is Frank Veliano who begins to target Jason after he wins a match. Like other games in the Gangster series, you have the option of completing other side missions apart from the main story mission. Some of the side activities in the game include gang wars and street racing.

Gangster Vegas is hugely successful on both Android and iOS a platform, having racked up over 100 million downloads in total. The game is regarded as being better than its predecessors with a better gameplay and good storyline to go.

Interesting details about Gangster Vegas

  • Gangster Vegas gives players to be who they want to be in the game. There are several in-game costumes which can be used to transform your avatar into characters such as Zombie gangster, a boxing grand champ, shaolin fighting master, a sniper, or a regular street fighter.
  • The game was released on android and iOS devices on the 7th of June 2013.
  • A software update was later added in December of the same year. This update allowed players select new clothing and vehicles.
  • The game features night clubs and convenience stores which gives it a more realistic appearance.
  • The game does a good job of adopting the Las Vegas theme with features such as video poker and blackjack, and slot machines in mini-games.

Why the name Gangster Vegas?

The game follows the naming pattern of all the previous games in the gangster franchise. Each game is named with “gangster” as the prefix followed by the city where it occurs. The name “gangster” was selected as a result of the gang activities going on, which is the major theme of the game. “Vegas” comes from the city in which the all plot takes place, since it was set in the city of Las Vegas.

  • Who can play Gangster Vegas?

Gangster Vegas is based on gang activities going on in the city of Las Vegas. The game consists of crime and violence between gang members and other people in the city. Game characters can be run over with vehicles or killed with gun by other characters. Due to the violence contained in the game, it is rated 18+ (being for people who are 18 years old and above). Reviews from adults have shown that the game is appropriate for children above 12 years. However, children and teenagers believe it to be appropriate for kids 10 years and above. Overall, it is an exciting game with good gameplay and impressive graphics quality.

  • How does Gangster Vegas work?

Gangster Vegas has a main mission in the overall story which needs to be completed to finish the game. Different parts of the city can be accessed on foot or vehicles by your character. As you go along, you should aim at collecting collectibles. Some of the major factors to note down in the game is that Pedestrians can be killed and vehicles can be damaged or destroyed. In addition, property can also incur damages.


In the build up to the final mission, you have access to over 80 missions which consists of activities such as shooting, racing, and even theft. Players are capable of battling rival gang members with weapons such as Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers.

  • What benefit do I get from creating games with Gangster Vegas?

The plot of Gangster Vegas gradually leads you through several mini-missions which bring more clarity and meaning to the overall story. Although the game is free-to-play, it comes with other content which can be accessed through payment. The extra features which can be purchased make the game even more exciting than it initially was.

  • How to play Gangster Vegas

Gangster Vegas can be played by following these steps

  • Install the game on the device of your choice. Either one of Android, iOS or PC.
  • Play the game through the touch screen or mouse and keyboard on computer
  • Select the mission you would like to play
  • A character is selected based on the mission you choose
  • Select weapons and vehicles based on the mission
  • You can hijack vehicles to make quick money
  • You can attain VIP level by playing the game regularly or you can decide to make a one-time purchase
  • You earn diamonds at points in your missions
  • The plot revolves around getting collectibles such as cash, diamonds and VIP points
  • You also get more diamonds for fully completing a mission
  • How much does the Gangster Vegas cost?

Gangster Vegas is a free to play game therefore it doesn’t cost you anything to play. However, you can decide to make in-game purchases. Complete purchases for collectibles and other valuable items with your card.



Gangster Vegas is a hugely successful and popular game with many players around the world. The success of the game can be attributed to its intrigue and competitive nature. The mini games, events and missions contributing the the main plot is another thing that gets players attracted.

The game also features some great music and high quality graphics and animation which makes it appear very realistic. The numerous variety of mini-games with different themes ensure that players never get bored. The game can be played without internet connection which makes it great for areas where you are disconnected. The game overall quality of the gameplay is overall impressive and one of the best out there.

Where is Gangster Vegas available?


Download for Android



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