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The Amazing World of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V was released by Rockstar in September 2013, it has been 7 years since its launch and today the game is being ported for the next generation consoles such as the PS5.

The game has never been greater, and Rockstar has created a game that has withstood the test of time. Everything looks stunning, you will see your shirts move subtly in the Californian breeze, and if you set your eyes on the leaves of different trees, you’ll see them tenderly swinging. Waves foam at the tips of the beaches and individual road/ concrete textures of urban areas sparkle in the heating sun.

As you go for your initial walk through Los Santos, it progressively becomes more clear that the degree of work that went into bringing it to life was colossal. Foliage is thick, lavish, and brimming with color. Dividers look harsh to the touch. Metallic paint occupations flicker under lights with an on-point reflection.

There are not many other game studios out there that have planned urban communities at the right scale, or with the level of detail that Rockstar does. Thus, this experience of venturing and exploring the city of Los Santos feels amazingly new. Everything feels realistic, if you find yourself stealing a modest low-end vehicle you feel confined and claustrophobic that is usually associated with such cars. On the other, if you find yourself in a truck or a van you can really feel the immense spaciousness inside the cockpit. Opening a vehicle’s electric rooftop in a first-person perspective really feels energizing.


Furthermore, the amount of detail in all interactions of the game is crazy. In cars for instance you can see the speedometer needles moving accurately and dashboard lights turning according to the state of the car. Even the correct radios show and stations (that you’re listening to) show up in the car environment.

Essentially GTA V has two main parts to it, the first one is an amazing story mode, and the other one being an all-in-one MMO experience.

The multiplayer mode seems like an area where the Rockstar team definitely spent a lot of time on and gets a lot of things right. Exploring the city of Los Santos alone is fun, with your friends who are doing crazy things with you it is even better. Carrying out new strategic heists, participating in races, participating in online events, and updating your online apartments, cars and avatars provide (to name a few) take the entire GTA experience to the next level.

There are also a bunch of modes that you can play in GTA Online. For instance, one mode requires players to jump out of a helicopter. The objective is to rush to the ground while going through loops in the sky. Another mode sees players roar through the skies in warrior jets, searching for individuals to annihilate with military equipment. There is just so much content and modes out there; you’ll always find something for your taste buds.

While there are a bunch of online modes it is GTA Online’s missions where the genuine delight lies. Multiplayer variations of unmistakable storytelling masterpieces that you play with your friends. This is the place where you’ll be taking part in silly vehicle pursuits and epic shoot-outs with your friends.

There is a large number of different stories you can play through, that range from taking an RV stacked with a meth lab to a specific location, to fixing it in the city while evading cops.


It is true that some of these missions are more effectively planned than others but overall, it is an amazing experience. Most missions don’t appear to have any glaring problems and frequently a mission clock or murder tally will keep matches at the ideal length. Collaboration with your friends makes time fly by in the missions, and the GTA V online multiplayer is all about cooperating. This is further made better with the amazing community Rockstar has managed to build over the years and while you’ll find the occasional junk talker in every game, most of the players in the community are very welcoming.

The stars of GTA Online’s show are Heists. They’ve for quite some time been anticipated and it’s justifiable why they’ve been encircled by so much expectation. Like the single-player heists, each employment is comprised of various phases of planning and the execution itself. There are a number of heists, and they heighten in a multifaceted nature. The first heist requires only two players, yet later Heists see bigger gatherings take on better-safeguarded banks.

Every player takes on an alternate job allocated by the Heist chief; escape drivers, programmers, drillers, and so forth. With such jobs, voice talk eventually ends up becoming fundamental: as each heist requires close cooperation and making sure that your teammates give you the job, you’re most useful for. Being in the wrong position can really end up hurting your chances of completing a heist. For example, I ended up playing as a programmer in one mission and took such a long time attempting to play the hacking game (a scaled-down version of Snake) that my team, at last, became fretful and surrendered the game.

At the point when everything links up, however, Heists are the most excellent instances of community gaming I’ve ever observed. Everybody has their part to play, there’s a certain noticeable all-around gratitude to the restricted lives you’re permitted, and the dollars in question are outstandingly valuable;e. The overall experience is mind-blowing.

Now, combining this with the games offline story mode, fantastically designed narrative, great visuals, polished gameplay, and amazing repository of MODS GTA V becomes an experience that never gets old or boring.

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