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Worms Zone .io – Veracious Snake Game App Review and The Gameplay

Worms’ zone is an online game that is available on several platforms for one to play. The game features are great. Some are very funny graphics as well as a story line that is dynamic. The game has been developed and published by Casual Azure Games and is categorized as an action based game. It has many downloads and players across the globe and is generally very addictive. Let us review some features of this game here in this article and see why exactly you need to download and play this game.

Interesting details about Worms Zone

Worms’ zone is a game, which has come from very far to be one of the most highlighted game. It is liked by people all over the world and is very addictive. It has been on social media platforms with people talking about its nice features. It is therefore a game, which is full of interesting details that you should know if you are not a social media person. Some of these details are here:

  • Worms zone began simply as a browser game that people would play when they have free time for example to rest during work. It has now developed and its incorporation of a mobile version has made it even more diverse and is now a serious game
  • Worms zone resembles closely the game Slither.io, the snake game that has been the default game for nokia phones sometimes back.
  • The game is available on both mobile and desktop. The desktop version is considered more favorable since you will be able to control your worm more easily.
  • Despite being in the snake category, the game is unique in its own way that people tend to love it naturally. This might just be another reason why the game evolved from just being a browser game, which people play when bored to a nice game that requires a lot of free to play.

Why the name Worms Zone?

The name worms zone seems to have originated from the characters in the game. The game features different worms of different sizes and each of them strive to survive and grow bigger and bigger. Bigger worms tend to encircle and destroy smaller worms, which then leave behind a trail of food, which your worm can then feed. The main goal is to make your worm bigger by avoiding all the other worms and also by destroying them. Thus the, name Worms Zone refers to the gameplay where there is a group of worms.

Who can play Worms Zone?

Anyone can play this amazing game. However, it is more suited to children about 8 years and above. These are the ones who are likely to enjoy the game maximally without much stress. The game is not harmful at all since the player compete with only other virtual players and not real friends.

How to use Worms Zone/ How Worms Zone works

The game can be played on any device but is particularly great on PCs. You can play Worms Zone on your PC if you have an android emulator installed on it.

  • Installing Worms Zone

You can download the app from your favorite site, whether it is Google play store or app store and install it on your device. For PCs, you will need to first install the android emulator. Playing the game on PC is more preferable because you have more control of your worm as compared to playing on the phone.

  • Game controls

The game simply requires the mouse to control the worm on your PC. You can also use your keyboard.

  • Playing

After installing, you can proceed to play and enjoy your game.

What Benefits Do I Get from Creating Games with Worms Zone?

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can build games with Worms zone, a move that would have been very beneficial for game developers as well as gamers in general. Creating games ensures creativity as well as fostering the enjoyably of the game.

How to Play Worms Zone?

  • Customizing the worm

Before beginning the game, you can customize the worm if you do not like the one provided by default. Customizing involves several actions such as adding skin, changing the shape of the face and many other features.

  • Gameplay

After customizing your worm to the desired color and other features that are important to you, you can proceed to play the game. This involves controlling your worm to eat food within the gameplay area. It also involves killing other worms and getting to grow bigger and bigger. Avoid making false moves because you will lose everything if other worms get to destroy you. To make sure that you worm survives and becomes the biggest around, you can use this important tips here:

  • Ensure that you have not left behind any leftovers from other destroyed worms. The leftovers are a secret to becoming bigger.
  • Have in mind that practically anyone is capable of killing you even the smallest of the worms. Do not make any false moves in the hope that they will not kill you.
  • Make sure that you use the boosts as much as possible. These help you eat whatever is in your path and therefore an opportunity to grow bigger.
  • Lear the best way that you can defend yourself. Whatever you want to do, any other worm is probably thinking about the same so be wise!

Price: How Much Does Worms Zone cost?

Worms zone is free to download and play. However, like most other apps, it has some in-app purchases that you may want to make here and there.


Worms zone game is a game that you should try out if you have not. It has an amazing gameplay, which makes you addicted to the game. Anyone can play the game since it lacks the violence or any other such things, which may discourage a certain group of people from playing. The game is free to download and play.

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